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Interreg BY-AUT: Circular Academy

Online knowledge platform to support the green transformation

Within the Interreg project Circular Academy, an interdisciplinary team is developing innovative business models for companies across the entire value network to create a circular economy in the area of plastics and packaging. The results are made available on an online knowledge platform.

The increasing consumption of resources and the associated volume of waste, especially in the packaging industry, is one of the greatest contemporary challenges facing our society. Regional companies are forced to develop sustainable and circular packaging which, on the one hand, protects the product it contains and ensures long shelf-life, but on the other hand, can also be returned to a cycle after use. Recyclates and circular economy solutions in general have not yet been designed to be profitable and are therefore not considered particularly attractive for companies.

The Project:

Four project partners from Austria and Germany cooperate in the Circular Academy project with the aim of advancing the green transformation of companies towards sustainable, circular and profitable business, which has become necessary due to climate change. The 3-year project is funded by the INTERREG program Bavaria-Austria 2021-2027.

Specifically, the project involves the development of an online knowledge platform on green transformation, which serves as a platform for providing information, and acts as an impetus for learning and training processes as well as a networking and exchange platform. The development of transformation pathways provides valuable impulses for thougth and action for companies, SMEs and regions to master the challenges of the green transformation. Through intensive collaboration between science and business, SMEs in particular gain insights into sustainable circular business models and companies are empowered to implement them in their own businesses. Through innovative exchange formats such as policy meets business and a roadshow, cross-border networking of the involved target groups takes place. 

Project Duration: 01/2023 - 12/2025

Project Ammount: 1.116.178,59 €

Further participating Institutions:

  • University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria
  • Business Upper Austria 
  • Cluster of Environmental Technologies Bavaria


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