Our services

CENTOURIS stands out thanks to its broad experience in terms of industry knowledge, scientific and practical expertise in collecting and analyzing data as well as its deep understanding of business concerns. This forms the foundation for innovative solutions for all questions and tasks at hand.

We provide expert support in the analysis of questions and the subsequent development of marketing strategies in the following fields

  • In brand management, we evaluate existing marketing measures and concepts. On top of the implementation of image and market potential analyses, we also develop new brand concepts and strategies for the future.
  • We support your target group management work with target group analysis and target group questioning.
  • In product management, we support the realization of product testing and product development.
  • In addition, we evaluate exhibitions and websites. We can support you with the measurement of customer satisfaction, testing your logo, price and advertising research as well as conducting an analysis of added value.

Our “toolbox” for a high-quality data collection provides the following opportunities

  • We rely on scientifically proven methods for analysis and research, including desk research, big data analyses, content analyses and diary methods.
  • Our repertoire includes standardized telephone interviews (CATI), standardized web interviews (CAWI), computer-assisted personal offline interviews (CAPI), paper-assisted personal interviews (PAPI) and in-depth interviews.
  • In addition, we realize experiments and interviews in laboratory settings and in the field. To this end, we use observations, eye tracking and pulse analyses, focus groups (offline and online) and mystery research, among other techniques.
  • We also offer traffic counting as well as running and path analyses in the field.

To carry out these activities, we have a wide variety of resources at our disposal:

We use the survey software keyingress for interviews via telephone, online or mobile. To facilitate the manual processing of paper-based questionnaires, CENTOURIS uses hardware and software for the automatic transmission of questionnaires.

Moreover, CENTOURIS has an in-house telephone studio at its disposal, which is equipped with six modern CATI workplaces. As a result, telephone interviews can be realized in shifts, six days a week.

When collecting data in the field, we are supported by local interviewers from all over Bavaria. Depending on the project, we can provide and train up to 70 people in a fast and uncomplicated way. The execution and remuneration for interviews is carried out directly by CENTOURIS.

In our work we always follow our values. 

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High scientific standards

CENTOURIS develops practical solutions with scientific expertise.


CENTOURIS cooperates successfully and sustainably with network partners.

Market focus

CENTOURIS provides cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary consulting and support.


Our focus topics

ollage aus Bildern die für die Themenfelder, in denen das Institut CENTOURIS arbeitet stehen: Mobilität, Handel, Tourismus und Freizeit, Industrie und Services, Gesellschaft, Gesundheitswirtschaft und Smart Cities und Regionalentwicklung.