At CENTOURIS, specialists from different scientific disciplines work together successfully in pursuit of the same goals. All of our employees have a sound university education in the fields of cultural studies, social sciences and/or economics. They all share a certain scientific curiosity and enjoy working on practice-driven projects.

The CENTOURIS team also boasts high degree of methodological competence, particularly in the field of statistics and data analysis. This is complemented by the practical industry expertise that has grown over time since the foundation of the institute.

CENTOURIS employees regularly attend advanced training courses on current trends and new methodological approaches. As a result, we always take into account the current state of scientific research and socio-political developments in our work, applying up-to-date systematic procedures in the monitoring of all projects.

Scientific Advisory Board and Institute Director

Prof. Dr. Dirk Totzek Institute Director
Prof. Dr. Dirk Totzek Institute Director Chair of Marketing and Services
Prof. Dr. Michael Granitzer
Prof. Dr. Michael Granitzer Chair of Data Science
Prof. Dr. Jan H. Schumann
Prof. Dr. Jan H. Schumann Chair of Marketing and Innovation
Dr. Joachim Schnurbus
Dr. Joachim Schnurbus Department of Computational Statistics and Mathematics
Prof. Dr. Harry Haupt
Prof. Dr. Harry Haupt Chair of Statistics and Data Analytics
Prof. Dr. Gertrud Moosmüller Honorary Member
Prof. Dr. Gertrud Moosmüller Honorary Member Formerly: Department of Statistics

Managing Director and Employees

Dr. Stefan Mang
Dr. Stefan Mang Managing Director
Eileen Dauti , M.A., M.Sc.
Eileen Dauti , M.A., M.Sc. Project
Dr. Maria Diekmann
Dr. Maria Diekmann Project
Alois Dorfner
Alois Dorfner Project
Brigitte Franz , Dipl.-Kauffrau
Brigitte Franz , Dipl.-Kauffrau Project
Ana Frazao Vieira Manolopoulos , M.A.
Ana Frazao Vieira Manolopoulos , M.A. Project
Christina Haderer , M.A.
Christina Haderer , M.A. Project
Josef Harasser , B.A.
Josef Harasser , B.A. Project
Sebastian Hirsch , M.Sc.
Sebastian Hirsch , M.Sc. Project
Franziska Kellerer , M.Sc.
Franziska Kellerer , M.Sc. Project
Dr. Janine Maier
Dr. Janine Maier Project
Emily Meyer , B.A.
Emily Meyer , B.A. Project
Xhyla Musliu , B.A.
Xhyla Musliu , B.A. Project
Marina Reischl , Dipl.-Betriebswirtin
Marina Reischl , Dipl.-Betriebswirtin Project
Sonja Saller , M.A.
Sonja Saller , M.A. Project
Hertha Schmid
Hertha Schmid
Katharina Steiger , M.Sc.
Katharina Steiger , M.Sc. Project
Laura Valenza , M. Sc.
Laura Valenza , M. Sc. Project
Verena Wecklein , M.Sc., M.A.
Verena Wecklein , M.Sc., M.A. Project

Student Assistants

Josa Reers
Josa Reers Student Assistant
Alexander Sommerfeld
Alexander Sommerfeld Student Assistant
Lina Trapp
Lina Trapp Student Assistant
Tessa van Waard
Tessa van Waard Student Assistant
Alina Westenhuber
Alina Westenhuber Student Assistant
Paul O'Brien
Paul O'Brien Student Assistant
Lotti Team assistant