CENTOURIS Applied solutions - Driven by research

Our work centers on the collection and analysis of high-quality data. In close consultation with our clients and project partners, we develop customized research approaches and offer packages of questionnaire design, sampling, data collection and data processing services, which can be supplemented with data analyses and results presentations.

This approach allows us to gain the greatest possible insight from the data obtained, in compliance with all legal and ethical standards. This, in turn, provides well-founded results and a sound decision-making basis for various target groups and addressees.

CENTOURIS values – What our institute stands for

High scientific standards

CENTOURIS develops practical solutions with scientific expertise.


CENTOURIS cooperates successfully and sustainably with network partners.

Market focus

CENTOURIS provides cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary consulting and support.


High scientific standards

As an institute belonging to the University of Passau, we work according to scientific standards and have access to the state of the art in terms of research in various subject areas. Thanks to our extensive network, we can also collaborate with chairs, especially from the fields of marketing, data science and data analytics, depending on the issue at hand.

Our interdisciplinary team encompasses a diverse spectrum of methodological and content-related expertise. We are able to translate multi-layered and complex issues into practicable solutions that are applicable to everyday life. In doing so, we can incorporate existing results from application research and, in addition, design a concept tailored to your individual needs. We support you in its implementation with pragmatism and a high degree of flexibility, while still maintaining scientific standards.

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The institute views itself as an active player that maintains and expands excellent contacts in science, politics and business in the region and beyond. We maintain long-term and meaningful relationships with chambers of commerce, political representatives, companies and educational institutions of all sizes. Successful projects are founded on the know-how created and exchanged in these network relationships.

Our university status also offers an array of opportunities for us to apply for German and European funding. Due to our many ongoing and already successfully completed projects in various fields, we have an excellent overview of the international funding options and can therefore provide expert advice along every step of the application process.  

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Market focus

Our team has many years of practical experience in various sectors, ranging from tourism to industry and trade to electromobility. We stand out by virtue of our reliability when it comes to processing existing and new application areas. We view ourselves as an impulse generator for innovative ideas in this respect. 

At CENTOURIS, employees from various disciplines work closely together on every project. This interdisciplinary structure makes it possible to maximize insights from previous successes and experience. By the same token, with an eye on current market events, our team composition also allows us to maintain a fresh perspective on challenges, while remaining creative and flexible in the development of new concepts.


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