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Interreg CE: ProsperAMnet

Progressing Service Performance and Export Results of Advanced Manufacturers Networks

The aim of the project ist to support Advances Manufacturers (AMs) in Central Europe to become excellent in their service business!

In a globalized world, AMs are facing competitive pressure. Adding industrial services to the product range is a key factor to corporate value and global competitiveness. The path for manufacturers offering additional services like maintenance is called ‘servitiziation’ and requires big changes within the enterprise, especially when exporting the services. Difficulties occur because cultural, infrastructural and local service knowledge of target markets is crucial for success. Because of missing resources to get needed know-how, many AMs have not yet reached levels of sufficiency within this development. By building a transnational network and using a bottom-up approach to collect experience from local level wide-ranging knowledge of exporting industrial services will be established, where manufacturing is one of the most important industries.

The Project

The project jointly develops innovative tools and approaches for supporting advanced manufacturers. Those tools help to identify internal leverages for improving the sale of industrial services and recognizing which services could be exported successfully.

The online available ISE-Monitor identifies internal parameters of AMs to improve the developement, the selling and the managagement of industrial services. Recommendations for actions are given about how to improve the company as well as a benchmark comparison with other companies is provided. More than  300 companies from Central Europe used the monitor and the benchmarking so far. The monitor is available free of charge  at .

Especially in exporting of services new challenges for companies arise. Within the project ProsperAMnet a Service Export Radar will be developed. The radar collects data about parameters of international service markets using artificial intelligence. Advanced manufacturers can use this information as a basis to decide which services can be offered in specific markets. The radar will be integrated into the project platform

The involved Business Support Organizations of the project will be professionalized into expert hubs of industrial services and service export. Additionally, policy makers receive strategic action plans and recommendations for future opportunities.

Project Duration: 04/2019 - 03/2022

Project Amount : 1.895.214,74 €

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