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Plug-In-, Range-Extender- and electric vehicles under real mobility circumstances: Infrastructure, environmental conditions and market acceptance

The research aims to explore customer requirements and environmental consequences of electric vehicles. On this basis, a projection regarding the energy and climate ramifications for the by the federal government targeted number of one million registered electric vehicles in 2020 will be prepared. In total, 360 customer vehicles are deployed for the analysis of the user behavior, user approval, and driving data.

One million electric vehicles on the roads in 2020 – that is the goal of the federal government of Germany. The interdisciplinary project PREMIUM, which builds equally on knowledge from the industrial and scientific sectors, can contribute to realize this vision.

Under the guidance of BMW, the research project analyses the user behavior and the customer requirements regarding electric vehicles. PREMIUM is supported by Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety in the context of the funding program “Renewable Mobile”. The funding program aims at tapping into the energy and climate potentials of electromobility and contributing to the strengthening of the competitive position of the German industry.

The Project

In the project PREMIUM industry partners collaborate with scientific institutions. 

The CENTOURIS Institute analyses the usage behaviour of private users and determines individual acceptance criteria for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles from the data obtained. For this purpose, owners of three different types of electric cars (pure battery electric vehicles (BEV), vehicles with a so-called range extender (REX), plug-in hybrids (PHEV)) are surveyed at different times over a period of six months. The content of the surveys includes questions on the topics of charging behaviour, usage behaviour, the future of electromobility and satisfaction. In addition, a population-representative study will be conducted on the mood of the population on the subject of electromobility.

The aim of the PREMIUM project is to obtain a comprehensive view of the entire spectrum of electric vehicle users and to research the environmental impact of electrically powered vehicles. With the help of this understanding, targeted incentives can be set and electrified driving concepts can be tailored precisely to the specific requirements of different customer groups.

Project Duration: 01/2014 - 11/2017

Project Amount: 11 Millionen €

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